Full PC3D Surface Mount Installation

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Installation Video Guide


  1. Contact support once you are on site (1-855-885-4888)
  2. Find package (Ask GC/GM where package is located)
  3. Test sensor comms (Hook sensor directly into switch, confirm if POE port, or POE Injector)
  4. Send photos (Network room, network switch, 2x Wide angle at each entrance from inside the store)
  5. Send measurements (Mounting Height, Entrance Width)
  6. Terminate cable run with T568B
  7. Send photos of cable path for new cable run
  8. Run cable, and terminate cable run with T568B
  9. Mount sensor in mockup position (mockup provided by tech support)
  10. Send photo’s (Wide angle shot of entrance, close up of sensor, labeled network cables, where POE Injector is left)
  11. Send network switch info (Switch make and model, port number for each sensor, patch panel port number for each sensor)
  12. Count test (Stand under sensor to verify sensor height, perform walk tests as directed by Prodco Support 15 in/15 out)

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