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Standard Tools List

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Required Tools

  • Laptop (Windows Based OS), and USB to LAN adaptor or working LAN port on your laptop 
  • Cable Toner
  • Cable Tester (Capable of testing continuity and Resistance (voltage) on Cat5 Cable)
  • Zip ties White and Black
  • RJ45 crimping tool
  • RJ45 connectors (Plugs, Jacks, Couplers, Etc..)
  • Splice connectors for Cat5 wire
  • Cat5 wire strippers
  • Cat5 cable (150′ minimum)
  • RJ45 Patch cable (at least 4 feet long)
  • Precision screwdriver set
  • Drywall screws and anchors with screwdriver to fit or driver bits for drill
  • Drill with 1 inch bit required, but multipurpose bits of various sizes should be available. Must be able to drill through metal
  • Putty to patch small screw holes (White Walls Only)
  • 10’ Foot Step ladder that allows for the tech to comfortably see inside the ceiling at a maximum height of 14 feet high. If a taller ladder or lift is needed Prodco must be contacted ASAP.
  • Fish Sticks, Masonry String, Beaded Chain for pulling cable

Recessed Kits Only (In addition to Required Tools)

  • Sharpened Pencil w/ Eraser For marking mounting location (For All Recessed Installs)
  • Stud Finder (For All Recessed Installs)
  • Small Drop Cloth to catch drywall debris (For All Recessed Installs)
  • Drywall Saw (For All Recessed Installs)
  • 154mm Hole Saw with adapter for drill **Optional if available** (PC3D Recessed Installation)